Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Leah Stephenson
Leah Stephenson is Senior Policy Analyst and Project Manager at the Canadian Treatment Action Council, a non-profit, non-governmental organization. She is also Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Burner, a pop art magazine. Her mother, Dr. Nora Stephenson, was the founder of L.I.F.E. For Health, so she grew up surrounded by its activities. As a teenager, Leah became a volunteer and Board member.  She is honoured to help nurture and grow her mother’s legacy.

Louise Binder
Louise Binder is an HIV+ lawyer who was diagnosed in 1993.  In 1997, she helped to found and, since its inception, has chaired the non-profit organization the Canadian Treatment Action Council, which does systemic advocacy for access to treatments. She is one of the founding members of the Blueprint for Action on Women and Girls and HIV/AIDS, is a North American representative on the International Community of Women Living with HIV, and is an established leader on UNAIDS’ Youth Mentorship Hub.  Louise continues to be a strong voice for women’s HIV/AIDS issues and issues related to the social determinants of health.

Lara Stephenson
Lara Stephenson is the daughter of L.I.F.E. For Health founder, Dr. Nora Stephenson, and as such, has been involved with the organization from a young age.  Lara is the founder and creative director of Ann & Arayata, a sustainable and philanthropic brand of fashion accessories produced by rural artisans in the Philippines.  Previously, she was the owner and creative force behind a successful retail shop and clothing label.  Lara brings to the Board over nine years of experience in branding, communications and all around entrepreneurship.

Jin Wen
Jin Wen came to Canada from China eight years ago.  She received lots of help from many people to get where she is today, and believes it is time to give back.  Jin attended the Reyna Elena dinner/dance two years ago and was impressed by the inspiring people and their hard work.  Shortly after that Jin became a member and joined L.I.F.E. For Health’s Board of Directors.  Jin is a Chartered Accountant.  She hopes to utilize her financial expertise to contribute to L.I.F.E. For Health, and is honoured to grow with such a wonderful organization.

Terry Atmosphera
Assistant Treasurer
Terry Atmosphera is among the first volunteer members of L.I.F.E. For Health.  She has acted as Treasurer for the organization in previous years, and for almost two decades has been a key organizer of fundraising activities, including the annual dinner/dance “Reyna Elena”, picnics, walk-a-thons, Christmas and Halloween parties.  Terry leads the organization’s work in Lagangilang, Abra, Philippines.

Samantha Tanner
Board Member
Samantha graduated from Freemont Academy in 2001 and attended Glendon College at York University for two years where she majored in psychology. She went on to work in various areas with children including Giant Steps, a school for autistic children. She has volunteered extensively in the Toronto District School Board especially with special needs children. As she has always had an interest with working with children she is pursuing a diploma at Durham College to become a Special Needs Educational Assistant.  Samantha was the recipient of the Dr. Stephenson Award of Excellence in 2010 for recognition of her outstanding fundraising efforts for L.I.F.E. For Health.

Michelle Marchione
Board Member
Michelle joined the L.I.F.E for Health Board of Directors in fall of 2010. Michelle brings to this position 10 years of experience in healthcare communications, along with experience as an administrator of a national Canadian non-governmental organization.

Roy Stephenson
Board Member
Roy Stephenson is one of Canada’s leading civil and administrative law trial lawyers but his true passion is L.I.F.E. For Health which was founded more than 20 years ago by his beloved late wife Nora. He is also a founder and director of a charity which provides life saving cardiac surgery to needy children from around the world.

Chary Sabayle
Board Member
Rosario “Chary” Abellanosa Sabayle has been an active volunteer with L.I.F.E. For Health since 1997. Through her leadership, the annual Reyna Elena dinner and dance has blossomed into a successful fundraiser, an inner beauty pageant for the Filipino community and beyond. Chary also leads the organization’s work in Illigan City, Mindanao, Philippines. Now retired, Chary trained and worked as a dietician. She shares her life with Eduardo Sabayle, their two children and four grandchildren.

Elizabeth Quijano
Board Member
Elizabeth Salagubang Quijano is one of the first volunteer members of L.I.F.E. For Health, and has been an active fundraiser for the organization since 1992. Over the years, Elizabeth has served as Secretary (1996), Vice-Chairman (1999) and President (2004-2009). Elizabeth leads the organization’s work in Coloconto, Batangas, Philippines.