The laundry overhang L.I.F.E. For Health built at the Sunshine Home in Cabawan District, Bohol

L.I.F.E. For Health has built several water wells in various parts of the Philippines, including Batangas and Bohol, where communities had to walk several hours each day for access to water.

L.I.F.E. For Health built a laundry overhang at the Sunshine Home, an orphanage located in Cabawan District, Bohol, Philippines. Home to 32 abandoned and orphaned children, the Sunshine Home now has a place to properly dry the children’s clothing during rainstorms and increasingly unpredictable weather. ¬†Located seven kilometers from the city, the Sunshine Home also purchased a van large enough to transport all of the children to and from school, to medical appointments, on group excursions, and in medical emergencies.